RPGist (Beta)

Meet RPG Players and GMs in Volta Redonda


What is it?

Do you know those Looking for Group (LFG) tools some online game have by which you can find other players online interested in joining you in the quests you are currently doing? Exactly, that, but for Tabletop RPG, to play in person, in the good old way.

Or, if you will, it is like those dating apps, but only to meet people who share your love por RPG, and want to get together and play it.

You want to play RPG but you only have the time to spare at sunday mornings? You want to play specifically a personal horror campaign in a post apocaliptic scenario?

No problem! You can filter the searching results by location, game preferences and availability schedule.

Oh, you can also control when other users can find you in the searching tool and when they cannot with a simple click. You will only be found when you want to be found.

Did I mention it is free? FREEEEE!

Sign in, try it out, what do you have to lose?

But why?

Tabletop RPG was never actually that popular – today, even less – but it was so much easier to get the crew together and play all night long back in the day when you and your friends didn't have all these responsabilities, the job, the college, the family, and everything else, wasn't it?

From one RPGist to another: I know that feel, bro...

Meeting people who play or have interest in playing RPG is already a challanging task, gathering everyone together in the same place at the same time and be able to play for at least a couple of hours has became a deed worthy of being recorded in a Homeric poem.

Since it becabe undoable to play with the old party, wouldn't it be nice if we could at least get to know some people who live nearby and have a similiar availability schedule to play with? to the rescue!

What's next?

Likewise a certain company once has started with just a searching engine and today it provides a wide range of applications that facilitates our lives, the idea here is to build a platform that provides all sorts of application that makes playing RPG more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

By the way, if you have any suggestions of what application we should do next, feel free to send us e-mail at

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